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The Collective School and Innovative Services 

The Collective School and Innovative Services initiative consists of separate sub-projects in the cities of Helsinki, Turku and Lappeenranta. The projects are united in their wish to promote collectivity and student participation in their schools. The project goal is to support schools in developing their operation through involving methods and to promote digital services that support collectivity together with the students. The project is operating in years 2012 – 2014 and it is funded by the European Regional Development Fund in addition to the cities involved. The Collative School and Innovative Services is coordinated by Forum Virium Helsinki.

Five operating models in Helsinki

As a result of development work, five operating models have been generated in Helsinki. PopUp School is a festival for peer learning. Children’s Statistical Yearbook combines learning by researching, media literacy, open data and wellbeing of pupils. iNNOSTU! action aims at enhancing the digital competence of schools. Media team activity develops pupils’ inclusion linked with media. The Model of Participatory development enhances the pupils’ role in developing the school activities through dreaming and doing dynamic experimenting.

Media experimenting in Lappeenranta and Turku

Komeetta is the School, Media and Inclusion sub-project of Saimaa media center and its goal is to develop a media environment that supports the advocacy of pupils. In addition to getting the pupils involved and giving them media literacy education, the media environment to be created in the project will work as a communication channel toward homes and organizations. To learn more, please visit In Turku, the children and youth are encouraged to do media experimenting through media team work. Communication station Tuubi offers a way for the schools to communicate about their activities to other schools and the surrounding society. Programming of games is also experimented in Turku.

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